This year, just like the last one year tech juggernaut will not be stopping. However, it may take a decidedly different route than it had before, based on a report. Almost all of the 2017 trends were basically focused on the merging realm of real and the virtual. But now there has been a subtle change in trends. For instance, now the audience is more down to see the behind the scenes and this thing is really getting hyped.

So here are certain trends that you should follow in order to compete with other event companies :

  • Safety and Security

    One should be well aware of the safety and security of it's audience. Security has become a hype question as per past incidents like terror attacks. For this purpose drones are the perfect solution. Not only drones are perfect for providing you the ability to provide additional security to your event but also for the broadcasting your event.

  • Make your event's "why" a crystal clear

    It’s important to showcase your event's theme correctly. People must know why they are gather. The theme should be related to the event, it shouldn't be out of the box.

  • Totally equipped with technology

    Technology has gone too far and it's important that we walk with it simultaneously. There are different aspects that we can use like virtual reality, 3D effects etc. Virtual reality is a simulation of a real-life environment, focusing on stimulating the vision and the hearing. Everyone can have a virtual experience as the only thing they need is a mobile phone and that is something that everyone has.

  • Use of social media

    Nowadays social media plays a crucial role. We can connect with the whole world in just few minutes. Here also we can take help from social networking sites. One can come live on facebook and instagram and can upload loads of stories on them as well as on snapchat. People would love to to see behind the scenes and here you can upload the making of a fabulous event.


There can be lots of reasons that may make an event dogged, but as we all know prevention is always better than cure. Being an event manager it's your responsibility that your special client's events run smoothly and with as few hitches as possible. So let's see what are these mistakes and how they can be prevented.

  1. Poor communication
  2. One of the biggest mistakes that are done by beginners is poor communication and should be avoided as far as possible. When it comes to your extremely prestigious event, you cannot stand a chance to spoil it in any terms. Poor communication can lead to delays which are not very significant for your company.

    • How to avoid it:
    • First of all double check your checklist. Make sure what you said is directly and as it is understood by your suppliers. You can't just trust anyone so take responsibility on your own and get things done perfectly and on time.!

  3. Inadequate transportation
  4. It’s important that you make sure that the transport which is supposed to receive important delegates and guest must be on time. Obviously, no one wants to wait for the vehicle and it shows that you're not professional and is highly harmful to your company.

    • How to avoid it:
    • You should have perfect wordings with your colleagues and make sure that in case of any mishappening you must have an alternative. Just a few days before the event make sure that every vehicle is perfect and according to your client's choice.

  5. Lack of time management
  6. Many event managers are unable to be on time. It's highly unprofessional and also adds a very bad impact of your company to the clients. Just imagine how awful it seems when you and your teammates running here and there and trying things to get done but you're only making it worse.

    • How to avoid it:
    • Make a timetable. To be on time make deadlines for everything, and try not to exceed them! The more important things should be done first and then the less important. It's your responsibility to end everything on time so monitor each and everything very precisely.

  7. Didn't finalize your paperwork
  8. As you know securing permits is really a big headache and if not done on time can cause a really big problem. It's not at all an easy job as different cities have different norms. Your all hard work would come to an end if you delay in taking permissions like permission for the alcohol, fire zoning, selling merchandise etc. So first nail down all your permits if you don't want your entire event at risk.

    • How to avoid it:
    • Make sure that you have all the necessary paperwork and you should carry those documents all the time as you never know when you need them. If possible it's best to hire a lawyer so that everything can be done according to the norms and on time. Be professional in your own way.!

  9. Skip a sitemap
  10. Just to make sure that you didn't forget anything as being the organizer there are a lot of things going on and juggling around, always build a sitemap. Your sitemap is actually a representation of your actual event and helps you to visualize the whole event. It contains every bit of information about the event like the stage, the washrooms, the entrance, the exit etc. So it contains every small to huge details and this is what it makes an important parameter.

    • How to avoid it:
    • Obviously, you can skip making a sitemap. It is important and yet cannot be skipped. You should know how many people are coming to the event and thus have the arrangement accordingly but make sure you have the backups! Walk over the whole site and that each time of the day just to make sure you didn't miss any detailing. Whatever the creative work you do should grab the eyes.

Hope this will help you and you keep these things in mind. Always remember that a man becomes perfect when he learns from his mistakes and dare not to repeat them. Have confidence and sure you'll become an amazing event planner!